Join us every Friday at 10:00 AM.

Note: Broadcast will begin at 9:55 AM to allow time for everyone to settle in.

Questions? Contact Kevin at kkammeraad@kdl.org.

Weekly registration is quick and easy. Just a name, email address, and zip code. That’s it. We won’t share your email with others. The email address is used to send you friendly reminders about the date and time of the broadcast (and the link to it). That way, you won’t worry about missing it! We also plan to send you resources from/for the show. The zip code is so we know we're providing a service for our patrons, as well as know where guests are joining us from around the country.

Your camera and microphone are NOT used when you log onto the show. You’ll be able to interact with the show easily with the chat box. When you enter the live show, the name YOU enter is the name that will appear on the screen when your comments/ideas are put into the show. So, you could choose your name or a nickname, your classroom name, your day care center name, your playgroup name, your kiddos name(s), your family name, etc. YOU decide each time you join us for a show. After joining a broadcast, you can also edit your name if you'd like to.

We’re looking forward to interacting with you!

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