Algoma Township + Kent District Library

Algoma Township + Kent District Library

On May 2, 2023, voters in Algoma Township will decide whether to remain in the Kent District Library system.

  • If Algoma Township residents vote “no” on the ballot proposal to leave KDL, they will continue to have access to KDL's Five Star library service, as well as extensive programming by our professional staff. In addition to providing traditional library services, KDL offers a collection of items such as Wi-Fi hotspots, bicycles, movies, iPads, GoPro Cameras and garden seeds. KDL provides innovative and educational programming for all ages.
  • If Algoma Township residents vote “yes” on the ballot proposal to leave KDL, they will no longer have access to all the materials that they would as a KDL patron. For example, after the current millage expires, Algoma Township residents will not be able to check out items from the digital collection or Beyond Books Collection, and they would lose access to other online databases and resources.

Algoma Township At-A-Glance

Kent District Library has served the people of Algoma Township since 1994 – and the Kent District Library Board has no interest in discontinuing that service. KDL has received no concerns from the Algoma Township Board about the services KDL provides.

  • 4,396 library cards issued with 2,296 cards in 1,626 households (37% of Algoma Township households) having checked out materials within the past 12 months. (Note: it’s common for one library card to serve multiple individuals).
  • Algoma Township residents use several KDL branches
    • 78% use Krause Memorial Library in Rockford
    • 11% use Plainfield Township branch
    • 11% use other KDL branches
  • Only $0.04 each tax dollar supports the public library, per Algoma Township
  • 2:1 payback for taxpayers
    • $1.58 million total value of items checked out by Algoma Township residents over 12 months
    • $706,837 estimated library support in 2023 from Algoma Township
  • More than 90,000 items checked out
    • 90,121 items checked out by Algoma Township residents over 12 months
    • Physical circulation is 49,418 and digital circulation is 40,703
  • Millions of items to choose from
    • Nearly 700,000 items in the physical collection
    • 15.6 million digital items
    • More than 5,000 programs each year

Algoma Township residents are among the highest users of Wi-fi hotspots borrowed from KDL

  • If you add the number of checkouts of Wi-Fi hotspots during 2022 and duration of individual checkouts for Algoma Township residents, it totals 35 years of internet access.

Algoma Township residents have local representation

KDL Board of Trustees

  • The Kent District Library Board of Trustees is composed of eight members representing eight geographic regions of the KDL Service Area. Trustees must live in the region they represent. Board members are appointed for four-year terms by the Kent County Board of Commissioners based on recommendations from the eight regions. Major duties include establishing and maintaining a public library for Kent District Library, establishing library policies, employing the Library Director, adopting an annual budget, and approving the expenditure of funds.

Annual Presentations at Algoma Township Board Meetings

  • Each year, KDL provides an update at one of the Algoma Township Board regular meetings, which includes Q&A.
  • KDL Trustees present an annual update at each municipality's public board meetings. KDL Trustees are accompanied by a member of the KDL Leadership Team and at least one Regional Manager. These presentations include a summary of data for the number of checkouts and program participation plus recent highlights. Local officials and residents are also invited to contact their KDL Trustee, Leadership Team or Regional Manager any time.
  • When local municipalities request KDL representation at their public meetings, KDL representatives attend and participate. Algoma Township officials have not requested KDL attendance or participation in any recent public meetings.
  • KDL Regional Managers attend as many of the municipal board meetings as their schedules allow, even when library-related topics are not on the agenda.

Selection of Program Events

  • Local branch staff choose program events that appeal to the local community. Also, book discussion group participants choose the books that they read and discuss.

Selection of Materials on Library Shelves

  • The selection of materials on the shelves of each branch is driven by what people have requested and check out at each branch. It a book is not checked out over an extended period of time, it's removed to make room for other books.
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