Summer Wonder at KDL

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  • Login to Beanstack and register for Summer Wonder.
  • Contact us if you need any help.

Beanstack helps you track activities for multiple people. Simply install the app or login to the Beanstack website.

On Paper

  • Find a paper tracking log in the Summer Wonder Workbook (available at any KDL branch).
  • Pick up additional paper logs at any branch or print the PDF.
Summer Wonder Workbook
Paper Tracking Log

Use any of the "Kent County Success Basics" for 30 days:

  • LOVE: Maximize love and minimize stress
  • TALK, sing and point
  • COUNT, group and compare
  • PLAY: Explore through movement and play
  • READ and discuss stories


  • A free book for all completers
  • Chance to win $250 Meijer gift cards
  • Chance to win a gift basket

Keep your child's brain active with 30 days of any of these activities:


  • A free book for all completers
  • Chance to win $250 Meijer gift cards
  • Chance to win a gift basket

Learn and grow with 30 days of any of these activities:

  • READ for at least 20 minutes. Choose from books, magazines, graphic novels, comics and more.
  • WRITE a story, letter, journal entry or poem.
  • LISTEN to an audiobook or have a book read to you.
  • DO or explore something new.


  • Teens get a free book. Adults get a beach bag tote.
  • Chance to win $250 Meijer gift cards
  • Chance to win a gift basket

Summer Events

KDL will offer many wonderful programs virtually this summer. Some branches will provide limited outdoor programming. Check the Facebook page of your preferred branch for the latest event details!

Get outdoors with our Find Curi scavenger hunt in select Kent County Parks.  Contest begins June 1. Details coming soon!

Super Readers!

Reach 45 days of activities between June 1 and August 7 (that's 15 extra days) for a chance to win another $250 Meijer gift card!  Log those extra days in Beanstack or ask a librarian for a Super Reader paper log starting in July.

Discover New Summer Reads

Summer Wonder reading lists

Summer Wonder Teen: Sci Fi & Fantasy

Find your next favorite Sci Fi or Fantasy book.

Summer Wonder Teen: Graphic Novels

Just a few of our favorite graphic novels for teens.

Summer Wonder Teen: Body Positive

Teens come in all different fabulous shapes and sizes.

Summer Wonder Tween: Middle Schoolers

Middle school life is never boring.

Summer Wonder Tween: Cultural Windows

Books that help you experience a different perspective.

Summer Wonder Youth: Spies and Detectives

Look no further for a super sleuth read.

Summer Wonder Youth: Social Justice

Books that remind us everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities.

Summer Wonder Youth: Nature

Books for all ages set in nature.

Summer Wonder Youth: Magical Creatures

A collection of fantastic books about dragons, unicorns, beasts and more!

Summer Wonder Youth: Funny

Books that will make kids of all ages laugh out loud.

Summer Wonder Youth: Adventure

Adventure books that help you think, solve problems and explore new places.

Ready for Summer

These books will help babies and toddlers understand all the special things we get to enjoy when it’s warm in the summertime!

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