Summer Wonder at KDL

Summer Wonder 2024 Begins June 3!

This year, we will take you on a Summer Wonder journey of reading, learning and experiencing!

The challenge is designed for multiple learning styles to keep families engaged and inspired. KDL is excited to bring you a spectacular summer of outdoor discovery, scavenger hunts, reading, STEAM activities and lots of fun for everyone.


Get Started

On Paper

Stop in to any KDL branch to pick up a WonderFold that includes a tracking log.

Pick up multiple tracking logs at a branch or download and print it yourself (PDF).


  1. Login to Beanstack and register for Summer Wonder (starting May 20).
  2. Contact us if you need any help.

Beanstack helps you track activities for multiple people. Simply install the app or login to the Beanstack website.


All Summer Wonder completers will receive a prize:

  • Birth through age 17 will choose a free book.
  • Adults will receive a tote bag.
  • All completers will be entered in the drawing for Meijer gift cards and gift baskets.
Free Book (Kids and Teen Prize)
Tote Bag (Adult Prize)

Find Curi

Map with Find Curi Locations

All-Star Readers!

Reach 45 days of activities between June 3 and August 9 (that's 15 extra days) for a chance to win a $50 Schuler Books gift card! Log those extra days in Beanstack or ask a librarian for an All-Star Reader paper log starting on July 2.

Free Lunches

We are partnering with Feeding America of West Michigan to provide free lunches to students on weekdays from June 3 - August 9.

Use any of the "Kent County Success Basics" for 30 days:

  • LOVE: Maximize love and minimize stress
  • TALK, sing and point
  • COUNT, group and compare
  • PLAY: Explore through movement and play
  • READ and discuss stories


  • A free book for all completers
  • Chance to win $100 Meijer gift card
  • Chance to win a gift basket

Keep your child's brain active with 30 days of any of these activities:

  • READ for at least 20 minutes. Choose from books, magazines, graphic novels,
    comics, audiobooks, or have a book read to you.
  • WRITE a story, a letter, journal entry or try our writing prompts.
  • DO one of our awesome and easy STEAM activities.
  • ATTEND a library program or visit a KDL branch you haven't been to.


  • A free book for all completers
  • Chance to win $100 Meijer gift card
  • Chance to win a gift basket

Writing Prompts

  1. Imagine that you own your very own island. What rules would you set on this island? Who would be allowed to stay on this island? What would the creatures and animals on this island get to do?

  2. Write a how-to guide on planning the best picnic ever!

  3. You are going to the seaside. Make a list of 10 things you need to pack into your suitcase and explain why you need each item.

  4. Have you ever gone to a summer camp? What was it like? If you haven't been to a summer camp, write a fictional story about your ideal experience.

  5. One day you are flying a kite in your backyard when all of a sudden...

Try Our STEAM Activities

Be a Fossil Detective
What Floats Your Boat?
Make a Handprint Using Ultraviolet Light
Telephone with Paper Cups and String
Paper Airplane Aerodynamics
Musical Bottles
Let's Build a Gnome Home!
Coloring Page 2023
Coloring Page 2024

Learn and grow with 30 days of any of these activities:

  • READ for at least 20 minutes. Choose from books, magazines, graphic novels, comics and more.
  • WRITE a story, letter, journal entry or poem.
  • LISTEN to an audiobook or have a book read to you.
  • DO or explore something new.


  • Teens (11-17) get a free book
  • Adults (18+) get a tote bag
  • Chance to win $100 Meijer gift card
  • Chance to win a gift basket
Tote Bag (Adult Prize)

Suggested Activities

  • Visit a KDL branch you haven’t been to before.
  • Hike a nature trail. Check out for suggestions.
  • Practice a new language (Try Rosetta Stone or Mango).
  • Recycle old magazines to create a vision board or dream journal. Check out your library’s book sale for materials.
  • Create a photo tour of an outdoor space. Capture sights to share with others.
  • Plant a native flower in your yard or in a pot to support pollinators.
  • Write a story to tell around a campfire.
  • Visit a partner organization from KDL PerkPass
  • Clean and save recyclable materials to donate to school art projects.
  • Try a mindfulness activity. Choose a flower or leaf. Concentrate on it and list every detail in your mind – texture, color, features, outline, smell.
  • Attend a summer festival, parade or a KDL event.
  • Start a journal. Check out a book or blog on different styles – bullet, art, dot, nature, travel, etc.
  • Watercolor or fingerpaint!
  • Watch a movie or listen to a Grammy-winning album. Browse Kanopy for movies or Freegal for music.
  • Select a recommendation from our KDL Staff Picks.
  • Play a new board, video or card game.
  • Discover local music with KDL Vibes.
  • Find support for your hobby or discover a new one.
  • Try international cuisine at a local restaurant or check out a cookbook to try recipes from around the world.
  • Make a card for or write a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while.


From captivating animal programs to mesmerizing magicians and beyond, KDL brings you an array of exciting free events for all ages this summer!

Discover New Summer Reads

Books for School Age

Summer Wonder Youth: Picture Books

Enjoy these picture book favorites all summer long.

Summer Wonder Youth: Early Readers

Enjoy these early reader favorites all summer long.

Summer Wonder Youth: Junior Early Chapter Books

Enjoy these junior early chapter book favorites all summer long.

Books for School Age

Summer Wonder Youth: Chapter Books

Enjoy these chapter book favorites all summer long.

Summer Wonder Youth: Nonfiction

Enjoy these nonfiction favorites all summer long.

Summer Wonder Youth: Beaches

Feel the sand between your toes with a good beach read!

Books for Tweens

Summer Wonder Tween: Fiction

These titles are perfect for tweens, ranging from graphic novels to anthologies, from humorous to dramatic, and from fantastic to realistic.

Summer Wonder Tween: Mystery

Your search is over for a super sleuth read.

Books for Teens

Summer Wonder Teen: Read Around the World

Books that help you experience a different perspective.

Summer Wonder Teen: Graphic Novels

Just a few of our favorite graphic novels for teens.

Summer Wonder Teen: Fiction

Whether you’re a fan of history, mystery, fantasy, or realistic fiction, this list has something for every teen reader to enjoy.

Books for Adults

Hello Beautiful

Sometimes you just have to wait. Fear not! KDL has some fantastic novels with similar and equally compelling storylines with no wait!

Summer Wonder Adult: Family Tree Finds

Fiction and Nonfiction for Genealogy Buffs

Summer Wonder Adult: Gardening

Projects, Planting and Growing - Practical and informative guides to inspire both beginner and advanced gardeners.

Illustrations by Anthony Carpenter |

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