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Kent District Library conducts a criminal background check for any past criminal convictions or pending felony criminal charges using the Michigan State Police ICHAT system. The information below is needed to request the ICHAT report and will only be used to obtain the report. KDL feels that is necessary to complete background verifications in order to provide a safe environment for the public.

Kent District Library will not allow individuals to present who have been convicted of any felony or who have been convicted of a misdemeanor offense for assault; child abuse; criminal sexual conduct; use, possession, or sale of weapons; or violations of Article 7 of the Michigan Public Health Code (Controlled Substances) (MCL 333.7101 et seq.) or other unlawful use, possession, or sale of drugs or controlled substances. The Human Resources Department will review all other convictions and pending criminal charges of a candidate on an individual basis with the final decision resting with the Library Director.

All background verification information obtained will be kept CONFIDENTIAL to the extent permitted by law. The information obtained will not be provided to any parties other than to designated KDL personnel or legal counsel with a need to know.

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