A KDL Staff Member is a Movie Star!

KDL's very own Daniel Morris, Shelver at the Gaines Township Branch, is a movie star! While living in Lithuania, he played the role of the Veterinarian in the film Hilma. The movie was recently released on DVD and is now on KDL shelves. Place a hold today!

Here's what Daniel had to say about the experience:

My part of the film was shot in Vilnius, Lithuania at the end of 2021. I moved here in 2022 and have been working at KDL for a year this past month. It was super fun to be fussed over by the wardrobe and make-up people, the limo drivers were nice, and the crew was quite kind about my beginner jitters. The director yelled "Action!" and we were off. I never forgot my lines but delivered them badly. Nonetheless, all was forgiven, and the other actors did not laugh at me. Then, suddenly, my role was over, everything was in the can--and I had to wait until this year to see my performance. The movie was praised by Rotten Tomatoes and all of my friends really liked it. 

Congratulations, Daniel!