Brian Mortimore Receives Prestigious “Mover and Shaker” Award from Library Journal

Brian Mortimore, Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Kent District Library, has been named a “Mover and Shaker” in the library industry by the national publication, Library Journal. Mortimore was selected because of his commitment to the profession and his innovation in matching the right employee to the right job and ensuring they’re taken care of once they sign on.

In 2018, with funding from KDL, research by Industrial Organizational Psychologists and input from a network of library workers throughout the United States and Canada, Mortimore developed Bookmark (see, a customized pre-hire screening tool that helps organizations assess which candidates are most likely to succeed in patron-facing positions. Bookmark costs only $20 per assessment, so even the smallest of libraries can utilize it, and meets the same standards as similar, more expensive tools in other industries. It measures 12 core competencies; its algorithmic approach also helps root out bias in the interview process, Mortimore says.

At KDL, Mortimore has instituted medical care and prescription drug coverage for part-time staff, kept all health coverage costs stable and maintained KDL’s pension plan at over 100 percent funding, with a generous match. Mortimore has developed a successful method of recruiting, training and staffing, and he shares his expertise with the library community through workshops and trainings.

“This is quite an honor and something I could only do because of the people I work with who support me in my efforts, so my gratitude is to all of our KDL family,” said Mortimore. “I’m very proud to represent our library in this manner.”

Library Journal received several hundred nominations for the 2020 Movers & Shakers. It named 46 outstanding professionals from across the country committed to providing excellent service and shaping the future of libraries. 

Mortimore was honored in the Innovators category. Other categories include Advocates, Change Agents, Educators, Digital Developer and Community Builders.

“The 2020 Movers, like so many librarians and library workers, are passionate about what they do,” said Francine Fialkoff, Project Manager and Cofounder of LJ Movers and Shakers. “They’re transforming their communities, schools and colleges and universities in myriad ways.”

Mortimore received his MA in Organizational Communications from Michigan State University in 1995. He has been the Director of Human Resources at KDL since November of 2003.

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