Calvin Ecosystem Preserve and Nature Center

By Miss Holly & Miss Julie 

We were so excited to get outside and explore some of our local wonders at the Calvin Ecosystem Preserve and Nature Center! Check out this video of our time there. We hope you venture out there this summer to go on your own nature adventure. But, before you go, why not create your own nature scavenger hunt or bingo card game? 

The first thing you will want to do when you arrive at the Calvin Ecosystem Preserve is open your senses.  Take a deep breath, inhale the smells and begin your walk through a beautiful preserve.  Winding your way through the forest of Oaks, Maples and Black Cherry trees, you will find an array of fauna and flora.  Ponds are scattered throughout the terrain with observation decks quietly positioned for you to observe geese, turtles and ducks. 

Close your eyes and use your sense of hearing. How many birds can you hear? Do you hear squirrels? Do you hear frogs? Do you hear bees or flies? 

Open your eyes and use your sense of sight. What do you see? How many shades of green do you see? Can you spy geese or ducks? Can you spy a Robin or a Red Winged Black Bird? 

As you move through the woods, how many trees can you identify?  Gently touch the bark of a few trees and use your sense of touch. Do the tree barks feel different? Is there a smooth tree trunk? Is there a rough tree trunk? How many senses did you use on your walk through the preserve? 

After your visit why not do something fun to help you remember your visit?  Why not make a bird feeder out of an ice cream cone, some peanut butter (or shortening) and bird seed and see how many varieties of birds you attract? 

We hope you enjoy your visit as much as we did!