Congratulations Teen Poetry Contest Winners!

The Write Michigan Teen Poetry Contest received 143 entries this year, and we were so impressed by the level of talent on display! KDL would like to thank all our teen poets – it takes courage to share your art with strangers, and we are honored by your participation.

Congrats to the winners, who will each receive a gift card to Meijer! 

Written Competition Winners

"Circle" by Philip Chamberlain
"Eleven" by Violet Chamberlain
"The Melting of My Masks" by Faith Chipman
"The 'Perfect' Poem" by Anna Dakin
"A Moment" by Andrea Escamilla
"Arrhythmia" by Willow Harvey
"And To All the People" by Oummu Kabba
"I Am My Father's Daughter" by Ava Kuhtic
"Beauty Has Changed" by Sophia Menhart
"The Jagged Bite of Choice" by Saniya Mishra
"You Can't Run From Your Own Shadow" by Maelykie Seals
"Let That Sink In" by Norrah Shobe
"Womanhood" by Shay Taliana
"Colorblind" by Allie Vandenberg 

Spoken Word Competition Winners

Munira Alemayeno
Annalyn Dakin
Rebbeca Rocheleau
Erik Bard
Anvi Jain
Saniya Mishra
Libby Berry
Faith Chipman
Maelle Roorcyck
Oummu Kabba