Congratulations to the Teen Poetry Contest Winners!

Write Michigan Teen Poetry Contest and Slam was back this year, and received the most poems in the history of the competition: 562 submissions! KDL would like to thank all our teen poets – it takes courage to share your art with with strangers, and we are honored by your participation.

Our judge for the written competition, GF Korreck, had the following to say about this year’s entries: “Poetry isn't just words. It's discovery. Learning. Sharing. Your ability to work at this is important. No, it won't make you rich or show you how to build a house, but it will keep you in touch with what is truly important in life...what it means to be human.”

Congrats to the winners, who will each receive a $50 gift card to Meijer! 

Written Competition, judged by GF Korreck 

Broken by Lana Schell  

eleusis by George Murphy    

Ghosting grass as i float above shallow seas by Jesper Flynn    

I am not a jealous person by Kaymin Behrens    

It's Hard to Look Like Aster by Riley Douglas    

One Day by Munira Alemayehu    

a response to a poem my ex wrote//the answer you never wanted by Zoe Paskewicz    

Suffocation through glass by Kendra Mojica    

Swallowing my words by Kayla Szymaniak    

Together by Shasta Mitchell   

Spoken Word Competition, judged by Anna Roseboro, Rachel Hamlet and Jair Driesenga 

Middle School Winners – Libby Berry, Marie Bult and Julia Clark 

High School Winners – Elias Gemmen, Luka Caraway, Elias Moore, Jena Detweiler, Kaymin Behrens, Lea Prus and Maddie Uren