Congratulations to the Teen Poetry Contest Winners

The Write Michigan Teen Poetry Contest received 127 entries this year, and we were so impressed by the level of talent on display! KDL would like to thank all our teen poets – it takes courage to share your art with strangers, and we are honored by your participation.

Congrats to the winners, who will each receive a gift card to Meijer! 

Written Competition Winners

The Siren’s Masquerade by D'Leeth Gayot-Ramirez
Raindrops Dry On The Rooftop by Munira Alemayehu
A Letter to My Assaulter by Aloe Kotarski
Whispers by Annalyn Dakin
Demeter's Despair by Tina Vo
Bullets by Liz Visco
what the rose said to the black girl by Zamar Jaydn
The Student's Dream by Sarah Komejan
Dissociation by Maddie Compau
I'm Not a Freak by Theresa Campbell-La Fond
I don't blame my mother for not taking me to therapy by Tanvi Kulkarni
Dionysus by Rei Nowak
Comics VS Politics/Child of Pololtics by Ezra Juno

Spoken Word Competition Winners

Middle School Winners – Aloe Kotarski, Eva Bloomberg, Grace McDaniel, Netra Arora, Ava Cartis, Reagan Grinwis, Erin Buursma

High School Winners – Faith Chipman, Lynn Rose, Kaymin Behrens, Libby Berry, Luca Caraway, Munira Alemayehu, Zamar Jadyn