Database Spotlight: Data Axle Reference Solutions

A book isn’t necessarily the only tool for the job when it comes to learning. For everything from languages to interactive courses to in-depth research, KDL offers online resource subscriptions to better fit our communities’ information needs.

Resource: Data Axle Reference Solutions

What it’s for: Data Axle Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA) provides extensive corporate and
residential contact information, which can be used for job hunting, identifying business opportunities,
researching market trends and creating mailing lists. Search by name, location, product, phone number and more.

Why KDL staff love it: “Data Axle is a researcher’s dream! I use Data Axle to research the business ecosystem for West Michigan. It allows users to dive deep into types of businesses, owner type and
population maps. Data Axle is great for users who need a variety of ways to access and use data. Everyone from real estate professionals to childcare providers will find value with data and visual guides to get to know a community better. I hosted a demonstration of Data Axle to the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce. They were excited to use the resource to get to know the West Michigan business climate better.” – Hannah, Outreach Specialist