Database Spotlight: LinkedIn Learning

A book isn’t necessarily the only tool for the job when it comes to learning. For everything from languages to interactive courses to in-depth research, KDL offers online resource subscriptions to better fit our communities’ information needs.

Resource: LinkedIn Learning

What it’s for: LinkedIn Learning provides thousands of online courses dedicated to enhancing
business and workplace skills, ranging from programming to project management to video
editing. You can also earn certificates in specific areas. ¡También disponible en español!

Why KDL staff love it: “I’ve found LinkedIn Learning to be very helpful for familiarizing myself
with new software and expanding on the skills that I use in my job. I’ve bookmarked several
‘Learning Paths’ to help guide my professional development, as well as some personal growth
goals as well. I especially appreciate that I can adjust the speed of the video courses, speeding
them up when they are reviewing skills that I already know, and then slowing down and pausing
as necessary while I follow along to learn brand-new functions. Professional development
courses don’t have to cost a thing when you have a KDL card!” – Sheri, Data Coordinator