Database Spotlight: Scholastic Teachables

A book isn’t necessarily the only tool for the job when it comes to learning. For everything from languages to interactive courses to in-depth research, KDL offers online resource subscriptions to better fit our communities’ information needs.

Resource: Scholastic Teachables

What it’s for: Scholastic Teachables is a resource for parents and teachers that provides lesson plans, activity sheets and printables in a variety of subjects for students in grades K-6.

Why KDL staff love it: “For the past year and a bit, I’ve been participating as a mentor with Affinity Mentoring at one of the local elementary schools. I hang out with my mentee for about an hour each week during lunch. Although we read lots of books and do art projects, their teacher also wanted us to work on some math problems. I’ve been using Scholastic Teachables to print out suitable word problem sheets for us to work on together (because it’s been a while since I was in elementary school). Scholastic Teachables makes it easy to search by subject and grade level, and the printables usually include some sort of illustration so they look more fun for the learner.” – Johanna, Collection Development Librarian