Enjoy the Wonder of Summer!

By Kris Vogelar, Branch Outreach and Programming Specialist

Summer Wonder is all around us. Breathe and take it in. The pandemic is easing, our favorite places are re-opening and life is slowly regaining some normalcy. Ahhh... 

KDL wants to be a part of your summer routine. Take our 30-day reading challenge for all ages. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s a fun way to keep the whole family engaged and excited about reading, learning and exploring. Prizes include free books, a beach bag tote and lots of prize drawings for those who meet their 30-day goal. Track your progress on a paper log, available at your local branch, or online at kdl.beanstack.org.    

To add to the fun, KDL has partnered with Kent County Parks to bring you an outdoor scavenger hunt at five area parks. Visit kdl.org/findcuri to enter for a chance to win an “Outdoor Fun” gift basket.  

Many of our programs are still virtual this summer, but be sure and check out your local branch's Facebook page for extra outdoor activities.   

The 30-Day Challenge ends August 7.  Don’t miss out! Everything you need to know to participate is at kdl.org/summer.