How to Leave the Library Without Tears: A Satirical Library Guide

By Josh Mosey, Digital Marketing Strategist

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a child in attendance at a good storytime must be in want of a tissue when told it is time to leave the library. Here are some ideas that might help:

Bigger & Better – Make your next destination better than the library. This is difficult because so few places are better than a library. Maybe you could just visit another branch of KDL and see what they have to offer, thereby temporarily postponing the tears.

Naptime Teleportation – Wait them out. Find a comfortable place to relax near the new WonderKnook play space and let your kids wear themselves out. When you see the first yawn, invite them to sit near you while you read them some books. As soon as they nod off, scoop them up and mosey out of the library.

“The Hansel & Gretel” – Give your child a bag, maybe one they earned by participating in the library’s 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten (1KB4K) program. Check out a large pile of books. Leave them on the ground like breadcrumbs. Your child will follow the trail all the way to the exit.

Pass the Tissues – There’s a high likelihood your child won’t want to leave the library. Let’s face it. There’s a high likelihood YOU won’t want to leave the library. There will be tears. The best thing you can do is bring some tissues and show your kids it’s okay to show your emotions. Maybe if you cry even louder than they do, they’ll be ready to leave before you are.