Impossible Task

By Josh Mosey, Digital Marketing Strategist

Visiting the library, for children of all ages, is a delightful experience, but parents are sometimes stymied by their children’s penchant for disappearing into the stacks as soon as their kids enter our bookish wonderland. For this reason, we’ve assembled a list of tips to keep track of your kids in the library.

Be proactive. Upon arriving in the library’s parking lot, preferably before your vehicle comes to a halt, tell your kids, “This isn’t going to be like last time. I need you to stay with me. We are just going to pick up our holds and head out.”
Chance of success: 1/10 – Very few people can just pick up their holds and head out.

Stick together. Before you leave home, throw some rope, duct tape or bungee cords into your library bag with your returns. Upon arriving at the library, literally tie/tape your children to yourself.
Chance of success 3/10 – Movement may be difficult and there’s no guarantee you’ll make it inside the library, but you’ll know where your kids are at all times… at least until they wriggle out.

Bookmark-o Polo. As soon as you lose track of your kids in the library (aka immediately after turning around to look at some interesting book on the new release table), shout, “Bookmark-o” and listen for your children to yell “Polo.” Follow the voices until your children have been found.
Chance of success 3/10 – The problem here is that other patrons might think you are playing with them, thus they might yell “Polo” as well. Conversely, other patrons—and staff—might not take kindly to all the yelling in the library.

Up, up and away. Stop by the dollar store and grab some helium balloons before heading to the library. Attach the balloons to your child’s waist via a belt loop or similar method. Make sure the balloon string is long enough so the balloon is visible above the book stacks.
Chance of success 5/10 – Some dangers to be aware of: ceiling fans, other children who want a balloon for themselves, your unhappy kiddo when their balloon pops for no reason. Because that’s what balloons do.

Look in the 'Knook. When all else fails, head to the library’s new WonderKnook play space.
Chance of success 9/10 – These exciting, new, wooden play structures are part imaginative-freedom-zones, part child-interest magnets.