KDL Cruisers Help Patron Meet His Goals

Brandon was first introduced to the KDL Cruisers a couple of years ago at the East Grand Rapids Branch. He checked them out a handful of times to enjoy the lake and Gaslight Village scenery. Brandon, a Caledonia Twp. Branch patron, has always had an interest in biking. As a child, there was a short time when he wanted to be in the Tour de France races.

Brandon's appreciation for the KDL Cruisers has evolved from a means to be entertained to a means to meet his goals. After several "stagnant" years, Brandon has a newly ignited passion for fitness. Though running is his main form of exercise, he likes to supplement his workout regimen with biking. He set a goal to bike 200 miles during the month of September, and he is using the KDL Cruisers to make it happen. He recently rode 40 miles in two days! He appreciates that multiple KDL branches offer Cruisers so he can explore different areas.

"People should follow their goals, especially when they are ones that provide a measurable level of personal growth," Brandon said. "Even if you're just starting out, the fact that you're starting is better than staying dormant."

KDL Cruisers are available at ten KDL locations through October 31.