KDL Curiosity Lab on the Go: Veen Observatory

Space cadets and dreamers, welcome! In this episode of KDL Curiosity Lab on the Go, you will explore space from the comfort of your own hometown with Miss Jocelyn and Miss Audrey.  Although your own backyard or local park are glorious places to view the wonders of space, today we will take you to our community observatory in Lowell, the Veen Observatory. 

This lovely gem of STEAM excitement is located at 3308 Kissing Rock Road in Lowell. The Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association hosts a public night every other weekend all summer long! Be sure to check out GRAAA.org or their Facebook page to see when their next public night will be hosted. Be sure to double check the day of also, since clouds can foil plans of seeing the stars.  

Can’t make it to the observatory for a public night to see these amazing wonders in the sky? No problem! A planisphere is a space map. By lining up your location, date and time, you can see a map of what is in the sky above you! Make your very own planisphere at home! 

Still can’t get enough space? Check out KDL.org for books, magazines and movies to learn so much more!