KDL Free Library: “It’s Been a Big Hit”

Mark is a Librarian at our Krause Memorial Branch in Rockford. Even though he spends all day in a library, he wanted more. For the last three or four years, he has also had a KDL Free Library at his home.

The Little Library was built by Mark's friend, and sits just outside of his front door. People can access it without ever leaving the sidewalk.

 "It’s been a big hit," Mark said.

 People often stop and take a look at what’s inside, and Mark said it’s nice to have something that people can just take and enjoy with no strings or obligations.

"The presence of a Little Free Library, just like a library in general, makes you feel like anything is possible."

When everyone was in quarantine during the early days of the pandemic, Mark's neighbors were clamoring for books and he was kept pretty busy keeping it stocked. One day, he was at a nearby business and overheard someone asking the clerk about his Little Library. Since the clerk had no clue as to its location, Mark jumped in and gave directions. It turned out that the person was looking for a specific book and had heard that there was a copy inside.

"My Little Free Library had its destined fifteen minutes of fame, and the book made its way to the person it had the most meaning for at that particular point in time," Mark said. "Sometimes little things make a big difference."

Kent District Library offers several Free Libraries throughout our service area. These mini-libraries typically house around 40 books each, including youth, teen and adult fiction and nonfiction materials. People are encouraged to take a book and leave a book.