Letter From Lance: Save Money at the Library

Hello again,

Have you heard the news? On November 7, 2023, residents in the Kent District Library service area will vote on a reduced operating millage. The proposed millage of 1.1 mills is a 10.9% reduction from the current millage rate and is estimated to:

· Save residents $3.1 million dollars annually.
· Save residents a total of $46.5 million over the 15-year span of the millage.
· Support continued growth of library resources and services.

Learn more at kdl.org/millage.

During a time when the cost of living is on the rise, I’m extra thankful the library is still one of the few places you can go where there’s no expectation to spend money. We offer amazing programs, and they are all free. We offer lifechanging services and resources, and they are all free.

In 2022, KDL patrons saved more than $85 million by checking out materials rather than purchasing them. This is an average of $1,348 saved per patron.

So, leave your wallet at home and come pay us a visit. Stock up on books, attend a program (or 10), check out an item from our Beyond Books collection and celebrate all the money you are saving! You could even win some money and get published in our Write Michigan Short Story Contest, taking place this fall. How cool is that?

All the best,
Lance Werner