Local Author Spotlight: Dr. Nkechy Ekere Ezeh

Dr. Nkechy Ekere Ezeh is an award-winning, international scholar who is passionate about helping vulnerable children and parents who are often left out in the educational system. Her life embodies education, and she believes in using early childhood education and authentic parent engagement to ensure that our community’s children have access to quality early-learning opportunities.

She recently published her memoir – Nwaenyi: Child of an Elephant; Lessons Learned from My Father, a Nigerian Chief, about Child Development and Affirmations. She now shares her story with immigrant families who are trying to navigate American culture while remaining true to themselves. 

 Dr. Nkechy said “My book is loaded with powerful lessons, some painful, that I have learned throughout my life. The reader will learn the importance of ensuring that children know their worth and their value. Hopefully, some of my experiences will serve as examples of how "everyday parenting" can become an opportunity to build confidence and pride in our children. It will also acknowledge that it is ok to make mistakes and our children will survive them. I know that sharing my story will be worthwhile, and I am hoping that my story will help others live in their purpose, against all the odds, and also learn the importance of believing in your child, affirming them and supporting them to live their true purpose on earth.”

Dr. Nkechy is currently working on two other books --- Leading While Learning: A Case for Developing Indigenous Leaders and Re-imagining Early Childhood Education: The Story of the Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative. Dr. Nkechy is very passionate about childhood learning and equity for all in the educational system, as well as all aspects of leadership. Her book is affirming and informative for all to read.