Local Author Spotlight: Meet Terri DeBoer

By Leigh Verburg, Branch Librarian at the Comstock Park Branch

Terri DeBoer is a meteorologist for WOOD-TV,  wife, mother of three and local author. She has been in television news since 1986, beginning as a News Reporter and moving into weather in the 90’s. DeBoer was the first woman in the state of Michigan to earn the American Meteorological Society’s Television Seal of Approval. To add to her list of achievements, she is now a published author.

Her book, Brighter Skies Ahead: Forecasting A Full Life When You Empty the Nest, came out November, 2021. This book is about transitioning from a busy mother to a mother with an empty nest.

“Life changes are difficult. We see the challenges in adjusting to life as a newlywed or new parent. The most challenging adjustment for me was going from a very busy household, with more to do every day than hours in the day, to almost stillness….too many hours in the day and not enough to do,” said DeBoer.

Her book is separated into nine sections that cover things like friendships, mental health, relationships with adult kids and faith. This book is uplifting, insightful and encouraging for those about to have or who have an empty nest. Her advice for empty nesters is to realize there is another big part of life still waiting for them after they have raised their kids.

"It’s interesting to think about the fact the better jobs we do as parents for our kids, makes it more likely they will eventually leave us. We want to raise them to be confident, independent, successful people, and when they become those things, they will leave us.”

Terri DeBoer will be at the Amy Van Andel Library on May 16 from 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Learn more.