Meet the Artist | Tim Kleyn

Have you ever wondered who creates the amazing artwork on KDL's magazines?

Well, meet Tim Kleyn, the artist behind the summer 2024 edition of Kaleidoscope.

Tim really captured, "Taking the library on the road," didn't he?

What can you tell us about yourself? 

Hi! I'm an author, illustrator and designer based in Grand Rapids. I'm happily married and have a cutie 3-year-old. My first book, Set Sail for Pancakes! was published in the summer of 2022. My second book Grilled Cheese? Yes, Please! just came out in May. I'm working on new projects too.

Where are some of the places you gather inspiration?

Sometimes it's tough because of how busy I am as a dad and full-time designer. So I'm really intentional about putting myself in front of things that inspire me. I follow a lot of artists and authors online. I also use Pinterest quite a bit. And I take notes for new ideas that come from anywhere and everywhere.

Describe the perfect summer day.

Give me some time outside with my family and give me some good quality ice cream and you got me a perfect summer day.

What does the library mean to you?

Libraries are awesome. At this stage of my life, they're perfect for bringing our three-year-old to play. They're amazing for that. Also, I love doing author events at libraries. So much fun. But I also love the community power of libraries. Such good people. Such a good resource. And it's for everyone. It's one of the best parts of our society and it really gives me hope if I'm honest. There aren't a lot of places for people to be people together anymore. But libraries are always there.

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