New Resource | Comics & Graphic Novels Are Now On Libby!

We just added hundreds of Marvel-ous choices to Libby. Why add comic books to your TBR pile? Here's five reasons:

  1. Comics use a mix of written language and sequential images, so readers' minds are engaged differently than with traditional books.
  2. Because of the way a comic's text and images are processed by the brain, readers have better memory retention of the material than with images or words by themselves.
  3. Comic books use a lot of dialogue, which is especially valuable for English language learners. Matching the dialogue with the character's exaggerated facial expressions helps readers better understand how the words are being expressed.
  4. Readers who are intimidated by the length of a traditional book are more likely to engage with a comic book or graphic novel.
  5. Kent District Library has comic books and graphic novels for all ages and interests, so you'll definitely find something worthwhile to read!

Check out the Comic Books & Graphic Novels on Libby here.