Semi-finalists named in Write Michigan Short Story Contest

Kent District Library and Schuler Books are proud to announce the semi-finalists in the eighth annual Write Michigan Short Story Contest. About 1,100 Michigan writers from all over the state entered the contest.

Winners will be chosen by public voting at through January 31 for the $500 Readers’ Choice award, and by a panel of judges for the $500 Judges’ Choice and $250 Judges’ Choice Runner-up awards. Winners will be announced February 4.

The top five stories in each age category (Adult / Teen / Youth/Spanish), as chosen by the celebrity judges, as well as the Readers' Choice winners will be published by Chapbook Press using the Espresso Book Machine. Copies will be available in March 2020.

Semi-finalist Stories:

Odyssey by Daniel Johnson
The Summer of Andrea by Susan Lovell
Return to Aberlorne by Michelle Kastanek
First, Do No Harm by Debbie TenBrink
Pete and Odell by Tonya Peterson Brood
Nature vs. Nurture by Jim Owens
The Secret to Growth and Greatness by Annelise Trout
Wanted by Sean Keast
The Devil in Niyah's Eyes by Robert Papp
For the Stars by Lauren Miramonti

Annoyed by Lila Cooper
The Wither Witch by Samantha Lampman
Shattered by Rebecca Roskamp
Shine by Emily Curtis
She Forgot Herself by Samantha Kroll
Outcry by Meredith Mead
A Chance Encounter by Anja Van Drunen
Daisy's Angel by Taylor Johnson
The Meadow by Sophie Sales
Memory by Vicky Ponta

The Moon Queen by Cecilia Woodring
Hide and Seek in the Dark by Emma Stange
Birds of Flight by Allison Malone
A Brush with Fame by Leila Schmidt
The Dark Halls by Ensley DeYonker
Diary of a Galaxy Princess: The Forbidden Planet by Gabriella Murphy
Finding Hope by Ashley Cole
Oakleaf Island by Ezra Lee
Sara and Ruby's Animal Sanctuary by Carri Schautz
Urban Virus by Ramona Wilke

Los novios transoceánicos by Alain Saralegui
Diosa de su gente, extraña para los demás by Nina Baldwin
Mi peor pesadilla by Anna VanDyken
¡Socorro! by Delaney Griffioen
Volteado by Erika Verwys
Maria by Tricia Zelaya
El pastel (no tan) maravilloso by Katie Colthorp
Como en las peliculas by Pablo Castro
Una vida escondida by Chandler Brown
Cuando no tienes piloto... by Addyson Meringa

Read the stories and vote for your favorite!