Stump the Librarian Episode 19 – The Potential Energy of Teddy Bears

Well, hello! Just your favorite friendly neighborhood librarians back with another information-packed episode of Stump the Librarian! This episode is a wild one, let me tell you. First, we start off with the very-
sciencey question, “Is there a limit to how much potential energy an object can have?” Then, we ease our way into the next few questions on muteness, “How does being mute work? Can they not talk if they even try? Can they play an instrument?” Lastly, we slow it down with, “Who thought of making a teddy bear?” So, grab your teddy and listen as Emily and Courtnei, with help from our librarian-behind-the-computer, Jill, answer these fabulous questions.

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Show Me a Sign – Ann Clare LeZotte, opens a new window