Stump the Librarian Episode 4: Body Surfing Hippos

Why is the 4th Episode of Stump the Librarian called “Body Surfing Hippos?” Well, you’ll have to listen to your friendly neighborhood librarians, Emily and Courtnei as well as the librarian behind the curtain Jill to find out! Join us this episode to hear the answers to three amazing questions. “Who is the person who has lived the longest?” “Do pigs go in ponds?” and “How long does it take lemons to go bad after being picked?”

In this episode, Emily explores animals who swim, Courtnei thinks about old age and Jill shows why research helps with baking. And don’t forget to join us every other Wednesday as we try to answer your curious questions and see if it’s possible to stump a librarian! You can submit a question via We would love to hear what questions are on your minds! Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast via or wherever you prefer to listen so you never miss an episode. You can also reach us by email at 

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