Stump the Librarian: This Episode is Creepy!

Hello t
here! Welcome to the Stump the Librarian blog post where two librarians tell you all about the latest episode of KDL’s Stump the Librarian Podcast. This family-friendly podcast is perfect for your commute to school. In this episode, find out Jill's and Liz’s favorite ice cream flavors and who sometimes eats ice cream for lunch. Tune in today to find out how wind works. But that’s not the creepy part of today’s episode! Join us to learn so many interesting SPIDER facts and find out what makes our eight-legged friends turn the corners of our houses into spooky messes??

We will also recommend a mystery and a spider-related fact of the day. If you want to submit a question or talk to us about your favorite flavor of ice cream, you can do that at or by emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Check out the books we referenced in this week’s episode: