Summer at KDL: Why Summer Learning Matters

By Julie Ralston | Branch Outreach and Programming Specialist

Growing up in West Michigan, summertime for me meant visiting my local KDL branch. As a “future librarian,” I loved wandering around the stacks, finding new books and movies, and attending summer events at the library. I vividly remember participating in the annual summer reading program. Carefully tracking my reading felt like an accomplishment. I always felt so proud to complete that form, turn it in to the library staff and get a prize. Now, as a KDL staff member and parent, I am proud that KDL continues to bring that same joy and sense of accomplishment through Summer Wonder, our reading and learning program for all ages.

The summer months offer a unique window of time where children can explore their interests, discover new passions and expand their horizons beyond the classroom. At KDL, we invite you to join Summer Wonder to find your fun through the engaging options we offer for all types of learners.

Our program offers various ways to participate, including reading, writing, STEAM activities, attending library programs and more! These opportunities work as “brain food” and benefit the health and strength of your brain. At KDL we know how hard kids work over the school year, and we want their brains to stay active and be prepared for a successful return to school in the fall. And we also know that parents are the best and first example for their children, so Summer Wonder is for adults, too!

As parents and caregivers, it is essential that we encourage and facilitate learning experiences for our children, especially over the summer. Make regular visits to the library part of your summer routine. Set aside time each day for reading. Check out a local park with our Find Curi hunt (, use a KDL Perk Pass to visit a local museum ( or visit a new-to-you KDL branch ( Embrace the curiosity of your children and try a STEAM activity ( or let them take the lead in selecting activities that spark their interest. There is so much to learn, explore and discover.

Let KDL be your summer guide and get started on Summer Wonder at KDL today.