Support for New Moms

Dear New Parents & Babies,

Congratulations! You just had a baby, and you are even awake enough to read this page.

I am a new mama myself with two beautiful daughters. If you are anything like me, I was desperate for something to do with them and for myself. I needed to get out of my dirty house, spray on some dry shampoo, slip into clean yoga pants and really connect with another human.

The library provides a unique and intimate space for babies and their parents with:
• Babytime
• Baby Playgroup
• Baby Mama Support Group
• Play spaces
• And much more!

Please join us for parent-to-parent bonding, fun and easy early literacy activities to do with baby, baby play time, bubbles, coffee, expert advice, parenting resources and so much more – and it’s all free.

No matter your story, we’re here to support you. It’s not easy being a new parent, but we can make it a bit easier.

I am with you!

Miss Abby

In praise of our Baby Mama Support Group

I feel anxious socializing. Outside of the group, my life offers environments of professionalism, reverence and moments quietly hidden at home. We live hours from family and don’t see friends regularly. Seeing our group is a bright spot in our week, in our lives, that we wouldn’t have otherwise known possible. I come every week, and I can no longer imagine not having this time together.

Abby has carefully created a reliable time and place for open ease. She consistently shows up as an example of courage, vulnerability, knowledge and kindness. In turn, she opens the same opportunities for all of us.

Our group is a place I can count on to show up exactly as I am. I can honor the honest physical, mental and emotional state I am in. Even on difficult days, I can show up knowing I’m entering a place of support. And without exception, I leave feeling connected, inspired and empowered by the strength of the group. I look up to these women as beacons of what’s possible. I am grateful they're helping me grow grounded in my own strength.

It’s so important to me that my child has an opportunity to get out and to be around other children. This group has provided a safe space for both of us. I cherish the time with the women in this group, with my daughter, their children and with the freedom to be myself.

A huge thank you to Abby, our whole support group, KDL and our little ones.

– This patron prefers to remain anonymous

Miss Abby's Favorite Board Books for Babies