The 4-1-1 on Kent District Library’s Patron Services Department

By Mary, Patron Services Librarian

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you have access to the internet and have a world of information at your fingertips! But what about the folks who don’t have access to the world-wide web or struggle to use the internet? Something as simple as finding the phone number of a doctor or the hours of a business is nearly impossible. There used to be a free service called Information or Directory Assistance, where you could pick up your phone, dial 411 and speak to a friendly operator who would give you the phone number and address you are looking for or even answer a question about yesterday’s football score.

This service is no longer readily available or is only accessible for a fee. That is where Kent District Library can help! In addition to library services, our Patron Services Department is available to help you gain access to information or help connect you to services. Whether you need to find a phone number, business address or even the sports scores from yesterday, give us a call at 616-784-2007.