The story of a Facebook post going viral

You never know what is going to gain national attention! Recently our Plainfield Branch had a patron return a book that they had microwaved in an attempt to rid a potential spread of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, due to the RFID tag inside, the book was burned. The Plainfield staff posted a friendly post to Facebook asking their patrons to allow our staff to take on the task of keeping books safe through a 3-day quarantine. The post has now reached over 73,000 people and has been shared 184 times!

This has also gained a lot of media attention. It has been covered by the Detroit Free Press, CNN, Tampa Bay Times, Food and Wine, WUSA9, WRBL, MSN, WKBN and many more. It was even picked up by a Dutch news outlet!

A big thank you to Elizabeth Guarino, regional manager at KDL, for being such an excellent spokesperson for KDL. We hope she is enjoying her time in the spotlight!