Top 10 reasons to work at KDL

Number 10 – We have an elephant costume you can wear.  Who else can say that?

Number 9 – Free prescription drug benefit plan!  (Yes, we’re serious.)

Number 8 – Like to sniff books?  We’ve got books.

Number 7 – Matching retirement savings!

Number 6 – We’ll put our library staff up against your current co-workers any day of the week, and we’ll give you two-to-one odds that our people can provide better book, movie and other pop culture recommendations... which will result in a whole new bunch of friends that you’ll love working with, and a new and improved you!

Number 5 – Student Loan repayment program!

Number 4 – The ability to contribute to the greater good in our community.  In this economy, you can work for anyone, but if you choose wisely, you can make a difference in your community as a member of the library team.

Number 3 – Wellness initiatives and free telemedicine with medical doctors to cure what ails you.

Number 2 – Fun, team building programs brought to us from a designated fun committee called Team KDL.

Number 1 – We’re committed to a place of employment where everyone feels like they belong.  We simply want you, your whole self, to be part of us, because together, we’re unstoppable!

Now that you know how awesome it is to work at KDL, check out our current job postings.