Top Eight Reasons Libraries Are Worth the Drive

With people being more selective about the places they're willing to drive, here are eight reasons why your local library should be included on your next trip into town.

1. Free Programs for the Whole Family - Entertainment for a family of four isn't cheap. Tickets for musical events, magic shows and other performances can be hundreds of dollars. Plus, there's event parking fees and automotive body shop bills when someone bumps your car in the parking structure. Or you could see what's happening at the library and attend for free, parking in the ample spaces available. 

Approximate Value ≈$200.00 per event

2. Free Movies - Like Redbox, but free (and you get to check them out for a week at a time). Approximate Value ≈$14.00 ($2.00 per movie for 7 days)

3. Free Books - It's kind of what makes the library the library. Sure, you've got to return the books eventually, but if you kept every book you read, you'd run out of room eventually. Are you ready to find your next read?
Approximate Value ≈$17.00 per book

4. Free Printing - Print up to 50 pages per week. Did we mention it was free?
Approximate Value ≈$.49 per page

5. Free Faxing/Scanning Services - Need to scan some photos or fax a document off to someone important? We can do that. Our librarians are skilled in the ways of scanning and faxing things. Need to print out a copy of the thing you scanned? Check out Reason #4.
Approximate Value ≈$37.00 (Okay, we don't know what other places charge, but who else do you know who has a fax machine you can borrow today?)   

6. Free Study Rooms (available at most branches) - Need an office away from the office? We've got you covered.
Approximate Value ≈$25.00 per hour

7. Free Wi-Fi - High-speed internet you don't have to pay for. Download your big files here.
Approximate Value ≈$.40 per minute / $12.00 per 30-minute session

8. Being part of a community of loving, amazing people.

Your local library might even be close enough to walk or ride your bike to (or walk to and ride a KDL Cruiser home), no gas required. In 2021 alone, our library users saved $78,383,477 by checking out physical materials and digital items, which doesn't include most of the things on this list. So, while gas may be expensive, not visiting the library might actually cost you more. We hope to see you soon!