Twelve New Uses for Your Let It Snow Mug

By Josh Mosey, Digital Marketing Strategist

For those of you who have been participating in Let It Snow for a while, you might be thinking to yourself, “Do I really need another mug?” Or maybe you want the mug, but your significant other has helpfully pointed out that the mug cupboard is full.

Fear not, reader. Here are 12 ways to use your Let It Snow mug that have nothing to do with drinking coffee, tea, cocoa or hot apple cider:

1. Use it as a soup bowl. The handle makes it perfect for hot soup!

2. Place office supplies in it and let your officemates know you like tidy desks AND reading.

3. Use it to catch bugs and spiders until someone less bug/spider-averse can deal with them.

4. Draw a perfect circle by tracing the outline of your upturned mug.

5. Lean your phone against it. Instant phone stand!

6. Scoop your pet’s food from the bag into their bowl with book-fueled love.

7. Use it as an imprecise measuring cup.

8. Spread salt on your driveway this winter with it.

9. Use it as a planter for a happy, little plant.

10. Learn to juggle with it (multiple mugs, broom and dustpan recommended).

11. Keep your toothbrushes in it. Oral hygiene and reading are both important.

12. Wear it as an unlikely hat. This could also help develop poise!

No matter how you use your Let It Snow mug, you’ll know the feeling of accomplishment that comes with having finished the reading challenge. Happy reading!