What to expect when you’re expecting to play RPGs

So you want to be an adventurer, do you? You’ve come to the right place then! 

KDL offers a wide variety of different tabletop games (TTGs) and role-playing games (RPGs) to help fulfill your adventuring needs. But before you go charging in to save the city from the hordes of undead, here are a few things you should know. 

To start your game off right, there should be some communication between the players and the Game Master (GM). A GM should ask their players what kind of expectations they have; do they want a serious game that is super lore heavy or are they looking for something light and funny to help pass the time? Players should talk to their GM and let them know what might make them uncomfortable or what they would like to avoid while playing. Playing an RPG should be enjoyable to all who participate so everyone needs to be on the same page. Visit Golden Lasso Games' Safety Tools page for tips, tricks and advice on how to address these topics. 

Next on your adventurer’s to-do list should be to acquire your tools — and I don’t mean a whetstone to sharpen your blade; what you need are dice and your character sheets! Most every game you play will require at least one set of polyhedral dice. This set will normally include seven dice: a four-sided dice (d4), a six-sided dice (d6), an eight-sided dice (d8), two 10-sided die (a d10 and a percentile dice), a twelve-sided dice (d12), and lastly, a 20-sided dice (d20).

Some games require special dice like Star Wars: Force And Destiny. While other games, like Tales Of Equestria, only need six dice and Vampire: The Masquerade uses only d10s. Each game has a unique way to keep track of your character, also known as a character sheet. These are used to keep track of your health, your inventory and whatever else is required for you to play your game. Most of the materials we offer have the character sheets at the back of the books for you to make a copy of; otherwise your friendly KDL staff member would be more than happy to help you print some off! 

In our last RPG blog post we talked about the many core rulebooks in KDL's catalogue but did you know we also have many supplementary books to enhance your gameplay? We carry different premade modules to run if you want a little help being a Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons. Storm King’s Thunder pits you against the different giants throughout the land, Tales From The Yawning Portal gives you seven of the most compelling quests from the 40+ years of D&D history, and books like Volo’s Guide To Monsters gives you different options for your player characters, and different monster options for your dungeon master! We didn’t forget about Pathfinder either! You can check out Pathfinder: Ultimate Wilderness to expand your character creation and Pathfinder: Bestiary 3 for more monsters to defend the realm from. 

For those who struggle to find a group, don’t fret! KDL will be hosting a virtual game night of our own on Nov. 11, 2020 from 6-8 PM. We will be playing Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition so if you want to play keep an eye out for it on our Events page. Or if you are more interested in reading up on lore, check out some of the books listed below. 

Safe travels out there, adventurers!  

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