Wild Mushroom Identification

By Chris Swinson, a Michigan State certified wild mushroom expert and owner of Mycophile's Garden Mushroom Farm, with years of experience buying, selling and hunting for wild mushrooms.

I'm thrilled to present these classes on wild mushroom identification for the Kent District Library. With over 2,500 species of mushrooms in Michigan, there is a lot to learn. At our mushroom identification classes, we will focus on learning to identify the 100+ edible species that grow in our state. With dozens of easy to identify and delicious species, growing nearly year-round, learning to hunt for wild mushrooms is a hobby that anyone can take part in.

We'll start with some basic rules regarding mushroom identification and safety, dispel some common myths and misconceptions about wild mushrooms, and quickly discuss some books, websites and online communities for learning to identify edible, inedible and toxic mushrooms. We will wrap up the class with some specific tips on finding and identifying morels and other choice edible species, as well as leave some time for questions and answers.

I hope to see you there!