Would That Dragon Be a Good Librarian?

Enjoy this fun listicle, created by Rebecca Reitemeier, a Shelver at our Cascade Twp. Branch. Find out which famous dragons would make good librarians!

1. Smaug (The Hobbit):
Huge collection, but never lets anyone check anything out. 0/10

2. Haku (Spirited Away):
Helpful, knowledgeable about job opportunities, assists with journey of self discovery. 10/10

3. Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon):
Basically a cat. 9/10

4. Drogon (Game of Thrones):
Loyal, but recklessly destructive. Great rapport with super readers, but has disorganized shelves. 5/10

5. Puff (The Magic Dragon):
Well-traveled and loyal, yet prone to melancholy. 8/10

6. Dragon (The Paper Bag Princess):
Hard working, but easily manipulated and a major show-off. 2/10

7. Dragon (Shrek):
Caring, passionate, protective. 8/10

8. Mushu (Mulan):
Ambitious and multilingual, but selfish and impulsive. 5/10

9. Draco (Dragonheart):
Selfless, sense of humor, sings when happy. 9/10