Your Library on Wheels

By Joyanne Huston-Swanson, Bookmobile Operator

There’s a famous movie quote that talks about a box of chocolates and never knowing what you are going to get... that’s kind of what Outreach with the Bookmobile is like. Every day is different, each visit is unique, individual partnerships and collaborations vary widely — which only adds to the excitement and happiness the Bookmobile brings to patrons.

Since the Bookmobile started rolling down the roads and highways of Kent County, the team has spent more than 1,440 hours meeting new people and introducing them to all the wonderful services the Kent District Library has to offer. More than 600 different events have taken place with the Bookmobile and over 36,000 visitors have had a chance to experience this magical vehicle. Partnerships with community organizations, area schools and townships have kept the Bookmobile busy through festivals, parades, literacy and STEAM events, parent and caregiver support meetings, as well as English language learning opportunities.

Even though COVID-19 put a wrench in the schedule temporarily, the Bookmobile team has continued to build essential relationships with community members of all ages and that will remain an important focus of the Bookmobile as this library on wheels gets back to business. Keep your eyes peeled... you just might catch a glimpse of the KDL Bookmobile driving down a street near you this summer.