Book Club in a Bag

Are you in a book club or looking to start one? Kent District Library makes things easy with our Book Club in a Bag program, which is available to all KDL, GRPL, and Lakeland Library Cooperative cardholders.

We have over 300 popular fiction and nonfiction titles to choose from and we add new titles every year. Most kits come with 12 regular print copies of a book, two large print copies, and a discussion guide.

A kit can be checked out through our KitKeeper service, opens a new window for six weeks and can be picked up at the KDL branch location of your choice. You can also make multiple reservations in advance to cut down on the monthly scramble.

Below you'll find the list of titles offered and instructions for how to reserve a Book Club in a Bag kit today!

New Book Club Kits

Please note that Book Club in a Bag kits must be reserved and checked out through KitKeeper, not our standard catalog.

 Printable lists of Book Club in a Bag titles

Need an extra copy of the group sign-out sheet?

How to reserve kits in KitKeeper

There are two ways to search for an available Book Club in a Bag title in KitKeeper:

1) Search by date

To see what kits are available during a specific day/month, it is easiest to search by date first.

2) Search by title

To reserve a specific title, it is easiest to search by title first to view the dates that it is available.

Note: Once your reservation is ready for pickup, the library will send you a hold pickup notification. The kit will stay on the hold shelf for seven days after you receive the notification for your convenience.

Other actions

We also offer complete instructions and details on how to do additional tasks in KitKeeper, including:

  • View your current reservations
  • Cancel an active reservation
  • View your past reservations
  • Print a new discussion guide.


Need additional help? Contact us online, chat with us or call us at (616) 784-2007.

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