What is the KDL Seed Library?

Seed libraries aren’t just a great source of free seeds for your garden — they protect plants, feed people and sustain our environment.

Ideally, a seed library is a self-perpetuating collection of heirloom seeds. This means it is sustained by donations of seeds that are carefully grown and saved for their flavor, productivity or hardiness. While all of our seeds are non-GMO, and many are organic and heirloom, we have not yet achieved the ideal.

This spring, all we want you to worry about is getting some free seeds to grow in your garden. But please remember what you planted for seed saving in the fall, because we can only reach that ideal seed library with your help!

Why save seeds?

Growing and saving the seeds of heirloom plants offers a stronger and more diverse set of plants that are well-suited to Michigan’s climate. This means they can survive diseases, bad weather and more.  They can also support a healthy ecosystem by feeding pollinators like bees and birds. Plus, growing your own food is fun and delicious!

Find out how easy it is to save the seeds you borrow:


We are out of stock! Due to the unexpected popularity of our seed library this year, we are currently out of seeds. 

These are the companies from which we order the seeds — they are organic, non-GMO and often heirloom, and these organizations work to support seed programs like ours:

They do report high order volumes, like many places right now, but they are probably the best option for finding seeds, and for safely ordering from the comfort of your home.


Here are some resources to help you get started growing your seeds:

If you are a beginning gardener, don’t worry about saving seeds. Select what you are interested in growing and focus on learning how to garden. The seed saving part will come later.

Donations to the 2020 KDL Seed Library came from:

Our Volunteers

The seed library simply doesn't happen without the hours and hours of work completed by our wonderful volunteers:

Carol Bauer
Dylan Bender
Lorraine Brodowski
Susan Brott
Sara Buursma
Jennifer Brown
Molly Cartwright
Cheryl Fannon
Jennifer Feutz
Sandra Feutz
Sheryl Helmus
Mary Jewell
Leigh Kwiecinski
Sarah Lokey
Danny Lynn
Yani Ma
Nancy McNeil
Amy Miller
Nancy Pulte
Pantera Rider
Haley Wanhatalo
Tammy Wanhatalo
Drew Wiesenauer
Mary Williams
Noel Young
Kathleen Zubrickas
and more!

Thank you for everything.