Find Curi at Kent County Parks

Find Curi at Kent County Parks


KDL and Kent County Parks invite you to go on an outdoor scavenger hunt! Use the clues below to find Curi in five park sites throughout the county. Can you find Curi at all five parks? Each question that you answer gives you another chance to win an "Outdoor Fun" gift bag!

Contest begins June 1. Submit answers all at once or one at a time.

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  • Lepard Preserve

    Google Maps. (Turn in at the church driveway.) A beautiful natural preserve with hills and bridges featuring excellent opportunities for hiking and exploration.

    From the parking lot, walk the short trail to the loop start. You will cross two lovely bridges. Hint: If you go left, you will find Curi faster. Once on the loop pay attention to the interpretive signs.

  • Palmer Park

    Google Maps. Palmer Park offers more than 300 acres of green space within the City of Wyoming.

    Park in one of the lots near the shelter or on the main road. Walk to the end of the road and continue past the roundabout until you see a wonderful creek. Go to the bridge that crosses the creek and find Curi. From the bridge, look down into the creek.

  • Pickerel Lake Park - Fred Meijer Nature Preserve

    Google Maps. Also known as the Fred Meijer Nature Preserve, Pickerel Lake Park offers a scenic mix of natural areas to explore along a branching network of trails.

    From the parking lot, venture north to the boardwalk at the start of the Lake Trail. Look at the signs along the way. Curi loves to view the many types of water fowl.

  • Wahlfield Park

    Google Maps. Wahlfield Park features a main recreational area that also serves as a trailhead for its extensive network of trails.

    Curi loves a playground and loves big boulders. You will find Curi somewhere near both. Notice you can see the many trail loops and you can continue on foot or bikes.

  • Millennium Park

    Google Maps. Millennium Park is one of our nation's largest urban parks with over 1,400 acres of rolling terrain and six miles of Grand River frontage.

    Park in the Secchia Meadows parking area. Head toward the Universal Bridge (to the right of the pavilion). You can walk or ride bikes! Curi loves to look out over the water from a favorite spot.

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