First Amendment and Intellectual Freedom

Equal Access, Requesting Purchases and Reconsideration of Materials

At Kent District Library, we provide equal access to all library resources within the guidelines of Michigan law and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Patrons are free to select or reject items for themselves but may not make that decision for others. We encourage parents to be active participants in helping their children select library resources.

Items in the KDL collection are organized by age group. Literary content becomes more complex as young readers mature. We encourage parents to engage in their child's reading journey and make appropriate selections based on their child's needs. Parents may choose to select or decline an item for their child without interference. KDL staff are happy to assist parents in finding information on the content of their selections.

KDL purchases materials from a wide variety of viewpoints and value systems and makes these materials available to guests regardless of age. No patron will agree with all materials in the collection, but a patron's right to read, seek information and speak freely is important to our democratic society and allows individuals to learn from one another. The Materials Selection Policy may be viewed at

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Kent District Library is committed to the lifelong journey of anti-racism work. The public library will always stand as an institution of enlightenment and as a hub of the community, serving and including everyone, no matter their race, religion or sexual orientation. We exist to further all people. We do so because the differences between individuals make us a stronger society.

Request a Purchase

If an item you're interested in is not available in KDL's catalog, please consider sharing your recommendation with us.

  • Visit and click Log In/My KDL in the upper right corner. Login to your account. Then click your username in the top right corner and select My Library Dashboard.
  • Click on 'Submit a Suggestion' to suggest a new purchase or click 'Suggested this Month' to see your past requests. You can cancel requests, see the status of your requests and much more.

Request to Reconsider Materials

KDL responds to requests for reconsideration of library materials from residents of the KDL service area in writing. Requestors must have read, heard or viewed the entire work to have their challenge considered. To submit a request for reconsideration, use the Citizen's Request for Reconsideration, found at



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