Outdoors & Gardening

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KDL Camping Extras

A grab bag of handy odds and ends for camping - including a dry sack, stuff sacks, a flashlight, paracord, and a compass.

KDL Trekking Poles

Pair of REI Trekking Poles, used for hiking or walking to reduce fatigue and increase balance over rough terrain.

Adventure Is Out There!

These action-packed titles are perfect for the adventuresome among us!

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Free Passes to Area Attractions

KDL patrons ages 18 and above can use their library card to reserve free passes to attractions and experiences around the county.

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Disc Golf Starter Set

The disc models in this set allow you to hit the course and play your best from the get-go.

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Pickleball set with 4 lightweight pickleball paddles, 3 outdoor pickleball balls & 3 indoor pickleball balls.

Booklists for Outdoors/Nature

It's Earth Day this month!

By checking out these materials, you can find out what you need to know to help our planet!

Backyard Birds for Kids

Books for young birdwatchers and their grownups for National Bird-Feeding Month!

Building Buddies at the Public Museum

Grab your hard hat and put on your safety vest! Opening January 2024 at the Grand Rapids Public Museum!

Books about the Outdoors

Books about Gardening

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