Project Management

Increasing Impact through Project Management

Why a PMO?

Staff hours and budgets are fixed, so keeping a finger on the pulse of organizational capacity is imperative.

Before creating and implementing the Project Management Office (PMO), KDL was working on more than 165 active projects at any given time, with many lacking direction, leadership or strategic alignment. As such, staff were often overextended and confused, trying to keep up with myriad new initiatives and/or process changes; however, all of that changed with the advent of the PMO. Now, KDL is able to focus on an average of 12 active projects at a time, projects that effectively and efficiently invest in the needs and interests of the community.

The primary outcome of the PMO is that it provides a clear and equitable pathway for ideas to evolve into projects. This process starts with first level stakeholder review to shape the project scope and ensure a cross-functional team. Then, management approves and screens for strategic alignment, risk, and other considerations before KDL Leadership gives final approval. The project is then assigned a sponsor who can help address concerns, clear obstacles and report on project progress to the PMO and Library Board of Trustees.

Any and all new initiatives with significant budgetary implications and/or multi-branch and department impact use the PMO process.

Any and all new initiatives with significant budgetary implications and/or multi-branch and department impact use the PMO process.

Anecdotal Outcomes

  • Reduced time for annual budget sessions (focal points are guided by projects in the queue)
  • Increased organizational awareness of active projects
  • No “rogue” projects (started without prior approval)

Awards + Recognition


In 2021, KDL's Project Management Office received the Top Innovator Award from the Urban Libraries Council’s (ULC) Innovation Initiative. KDL was selected by a panel of expert judges from over 250 submissions in ten categories that showcase creative thinking and imaginative applications of library resources.

ULC's Innovations Initiative showcases out-of-the box thinking and new alignment of resources to further education for people of all ages, to address race and social equity in our communities, to build digital inclusion and digital literacy, and to enhance civic engagement for a strong democracy. Libraries from across the country compete for these annual awards, which are meant to. These awards acknowledge the innovative and brave individuals who rally and inspire others to serve people in our community who need it the most.

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