Presenter agreement

Cancellation policy

Payment will be processed upon completion of your program, net 30 days, unless mutually agreed upon in writing. The Presenter may cancel this agreement at least 30 days before the performance date as a result of a proven inability to perform due to sickness, accident, acts of war or force majeure. Kent District Library may cancel this agreement at least 30 days before the performance date due to non-receipt of Performer’s certificate of liability or a result of proven inability to host the performance due to force majeure. If rescheduling is not an option, there will be no obligation by either party for continuance of or compensation for this agreement. Should Kent District Library cancel the program for any reason other than non-receipt of certificate of liability less than 30 days from the date of performance, the Presenter may retain the total program fee.


If not already supplied, the presenter is requested to send a photo and biographical information to us for publicity purposes, if available. If suitable high resolution photos and applicable logos for which the performer has full legal rights for usage are not provided to KDL at the time of the booking agreement, KDL will select and use royalty-free stock images at their discretion. No individual or organization who presents a program at the library will be permitted to sell their product or services during their presentation or during their time at the library (with the exception of authors who come to speak about their books or performers who have recordings of their music).

Virtual Programs

Kent District Library may change how programs are shared with the public. Our goal is to provide access to Information, Ideas and Excitement through alternative methods as needed. Examples may include live or pre-recorded streaming, at a branch with limited or no audience or off-site. KDL will keep virtual programs available for public viewing for 3 months or by arrangement with the Performer.

KDL Presenter Code of Conduct

Kent District Library strives to host quality programming that mirrors our commitment to empathy, love and kindness for all people regardless of age, race, religion, or sexual identity. When performing for KDL please be mindful that you are a serving as a creative extension of an organization that embraces inclusiveness and compassion.

Performers working on behalf of the library are required to follow KDL guidelines regarding public health, including but not limited to wearing personal protective gear when deemed appropriate by KDL Leadership and health officials (including, but not limited to, Kent County Health Department, Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, etc.).

Please make sure the language you use is acceptable for all audiences. Ensure that jokes and stories are age-appropriate, and don’t single out or marginalize a particular group of people. Refrain from swearing or other offensive language.*

Noise and distractions are an expected part of an all-ages program. Should you need to confront a behavioral issue, please be mindful to deal with the child and/or the adults in a positive and respectful manner.

If you have any questions or concerns with how to handle specific situations, or with our Code of Conduct, please contact the Programming Department.

*equivalent to a G-rated film

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