Presenter questionnaire

  • Programs that cannot be easily presented in a digital format may not be considered until in-branch programs can resume.
    KDL may ask you to change how programs are shared with the public. Examples may include live or pre-recorded streaming, at a branch with limited or no audience or off-site. KDL will keep virtual programs available for public viewing for 3 months or by arrangement with the Performer.
  • Payment will be issued upon completion of your program.
  • KDL rarely requires registration for programs. This means that the size of the audience for your program may be hard to predict and control.
  • We do not pay separately for mileage. Please include travel costs into your total performance price. Keep in mind our branch locations range between 5 – 33 miles from Grand Rapids, Mich.
  • A Certificate of Liability that names KDL as a co-insured party may be required if your program involves live animals or could potentially expose attendees to harm/injury.
  • No individual or organization who presents a program at the library will be permitted to sell their product or services during their presentation or during their time at the library (with the exception of authors who come to speak about their books or performers who have recordings of their music).
  • Turning in a questionnaire does not guarantee your program will be selected this season. However, KDL offers year-round programs and may find a fit for you during another season.
  • Questionnaires submitted without a completed background check form will not be considered. Background checks will be processed only if your program is selected. Results are confidential.

If you are selected, please be aware you'll be asked to:

  • Fill out a Presenter Agreement form.
  • Fill out a W9 required for payment.
  • Submit media/publicity materials. If suitable high-resolution photos and applicable logos for which the performer has full legal rights for usage are not provided to KDL at the time of the booking agreement, KDL will select and use royalty-free stock images at their discretion.
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