2021-2023 Strategic Plan

2021-2023 Strategic Plan

This strategic plan outlines our purpose, vision, 3-5 year business goals, annual operational initiatives and core values. It serves as a lens to assess all ideas and determine priorities.


We exist to further all people.


KDL will be an indispensable community resource for enriching lives through access to personalized discovery for all.

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Strategic Focus

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Engagement and Service


2021-2023 Business Goals

Align all library services, staffing makeup and partnerships to be reflective and inclusive of the diverse communities we serve. Increase the value delivered to the community by focusing on demonstrated needs. Evaluate and streamline operational, environmental and fundraising processes to ensure a sustainable library.

2021 Initiatives

Develop a plan to increase staff Cultural Intelligence (CQ) by first determining how to measure it, establishing a baseline, and setting a target by May 2021. Beginning in May 2021, develop a diversity plan for evaluating library materials to ensure offerings are reflective of the community. To be developed by December 2021. Develop a systematic process for identifying patrons’ unmet and emerging needs by March 2021 with surveys completed by September 2021. By mid-December 2021, complete a feasibility study to establish a 501(c)(3) foundation to increase private donation funding to supplement tax support. Map, improve and refine two operational processes by December 2021.

2022 Initiatives

Design and implement a travel-themed interactive program for Summer Wonder that moves from region to region, including food, drink, reading, music, and history. The program will be highly social, will foster relationships, and will educate the community on what types of cultural diversity and ethnic groups we have in our communities and the special traditions they celebrate. Continue quarterly Paradigm trainings and discussions with the expectation of 100% (88% with turnover and leaves factored in) employee engagement. Revamp new cardholder orientation/onboarding. Identify areas of patron interest upon sign-up, train staff to promote materials of interest, give patrons a tour, and identify and promote branch specific "member" perks to build awareness of KDL's many services and programs and build strong relationships. Clarify what excellent service looks like in each role and task and create role guides. Identify how service has been impacted by COVID-19 and how can KDL can proactively incorporate changes, and document these changes in a clear, easy way for staff in a revision of the KDL Way Toolkit (released June/July) Partner with local health organizations to give early lit kits to new parents containing information about Kent County Success Basics, information about KDL's physical and digital resources and programs, library card applications, and a board book to help foster early relationships with the library. Develop a process for planning and tracking relationship management with community resource partnerships and activities that incorporates a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system so all departments have a better picture of patron's cross functional library involvement. Establish a library ambassador pilot program to convert library lovers into strong advocates and develop referrals for volunteering and fund development. This program will enhance our volunteer program and training volunteers to reach out to their friends, local businesses, schools to help spread awareness of KDL services and offerings. Ambassadors will be granted first access to KDL swag, special events, etc. As part of the overarching Circulation Moonshot framework, assess and refine KDL's purchasing philosophy to mitigate waste, ensure alignment with having a popular materials collection, and ensure patrons and staff understand what a popular materials collection is and how to help patrons get materials from other resources.

Team Goals

Individual Goals

Core Values

Values are at the heart of culture. They reflect who we are and what we stand for.

  • INCLUSIVE - Engaging all people through kindness, empathy and love.
  • AUTHENTIC - Being true to those we serve and ourselves, and forging meaningful, whole-hearted connections.
  • POSITIVE - Assuming the best in others and believing anything is possible.
  • COURAGEOUS - Daring to do what is right.
  • HELPFUL - Serving others with a sincere passion.

Quarterly Updates

Follow our progress with these quarterly updates.




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