Summer Wonder: Little Readers (ages 0-4)

As a parent, you are your child’s first, best teacher. The Kent County Success Basics are five fun, easy and powerful ways to help your child grow smarter.

Complete Summer Wonder's 30-Day Challenge by doing 30 days of any of the following activities between June 5 and August 12 (see below for specific ideas).

Track Your Activities, Win Prizes


Little Readers will get a free book as their prize for completing Summer Wonder. Actual titles vary by branch.

Little Reader Prize Examples


Events for Little Readers

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Suggested Activities

  • Respond to your child’s feelings and let them know that all feelings are okay.
  • Have your child help you prepare dinner.
  • For snack, offer limited choices. For example: apples OR grapes.
  • Spend time outside together.  Spread out a blanket and look at the clouds.
  • Sing a nursery rhyme.
  • Make up your own verses for the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know it.”
  • As you walk or do errands, talk about what you are doing while do it and what it going on.
  • Say and do the motions to one of your favorite rhymes.
  • Help your child clap to the beat as you listen to a song.
  • In the bath, fill up and dump out a cup. Talk about “full” vs. “empty” and “in” vs “out.”
  • Count a basket of objects together and sort them into related groups.
  • Share a counting book together.
  • Put on a puppet show using stuffed animals or make your own sock puppet.
  • Play search and find: hide things under a blanket and have your child “find” it or play hide and seek.
  • Get out spoons and pots to make a kitchen band.
  • Drawing is a good way to exercise little hands and be creative. Put out some crayons and paper. Your child can also experiment with tearing and folding the paper.
  • Before you open a book, read the title and look at the pictures. Guess what it might be about.
  • Read a story and act out movements to some of the action words.
  • Reread your child’s favorite book.
  • While reading, describe the pictures, talking about colors, shapes and characters.
  • Read books together that are about people who are alike and different from you and your child.
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