11 Reasons to Have a Library Card

If you or someone you know doesn't have a library card, today is a great day to get signed up. Here are just a few of the thousands of reasons that you are going to want to have one.

#11. Booster packs (not to be confused with the jet packs we were promised, but they’re still cool).

#10. About a million things to choose from.

#9. Fine free.

#8. We have an elephant. Her name is Katie L.

#7. No ads.

#6. Save a lot of money.

#5. It makes a great cat toy. Attach it to a string then come to the library and get books on how to properly take care of your pet.

#4. Check out seeds. But don’t blame us if your thumb turns green.

#3. Use your library card as a letter opener, or better yet, access the computers to save a tree. And if you must print, we’ve got printers

#2. Geek cred. Use databases to research just about anything from Consumer Reports to space ship hull design.

And #1. A library card and duct tape can get you through life.